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Introduction Of E-Commerce Industrial Park In Inner Mongolia

Inner Mongolia E-Commerce industrial park is established in 2013, we are located in North District of Jinchuan industrial park,Economic-Tech Development Zone in Hohhot.It is the first E-Commerce industrial cluster center with covering an area of 3.37 square kilometers(5052 acres). During the year of 2014, our E-Commerce transactions Value reached 3.54 billion Yuan, among it the value of industrial products of B to B trading over 2.81billion Yuan. We have 5 buildings under use of the first phase project. The gross construction area 41.4 square kilometers and 4 buildings for Jinchuan Science and Technology park about 22.8 square kilometers. The new “E-Commerce Mansion” which is a 15-Storey Complex building has been put into use, building area around 18.572 square kilometers.There are 13 square kilometers for Service Hall,Exhibition Hall,Experience Hall, Business Center and other facilities. 2 square kilometers for Training Center and Conference Center.

Our Orientation of E-Commerce Industrial park is draw on building the E-Commerce industrial cluster on Hohhot and entire autonomous regions;Developing a BEC integrated E-Commerce platform; Expanding E-Commerce applications in small and medium-sized enterprises; Cultivating the green food,large animals development and other modern agriculture products to foster Mongolia culture informatization. Our development target to the end of 2017 is to bring in 200 E-Commerce enterprises;Develop over 30 Medium and large-sized E-Commerce enterprises; The annual Value of E-Commerce transactions is turnover 10 billion Yuan with employees 10000 People. To the end of 2019, It can be formed a complete E-Commerce industry Eco-system;Developed “ one model base, 6 central tasks” to provide the strong support and engine for development of E-Commerce and economic structure optimization and upgrading. A model base, that national E-Commerce model base, six centrals namely:
① the regional E-Commerce training incubation Center;
②HBE E-Commerce and distribution logistics Center;
③Inner Mongolia specialty products E-Market service center;
④Traditional Industrial E-Commerce application center;
⑤Community Convenience of E-Commerce service center;
⑥Cross border E-Commerce operations center in Russia and Mongolia.

Jinchuan industrial park is set up a leading group of E-Commerce office in order to serve and manage of E-Commerce industrial park.At the present, We have made the supporting policies to encourage the development of E-Commerce and signed a cooperation agreement with related industries like logistics, online payments, Financial services, Telecommunications operations and universities etc.As the only E-Commerce statistics demonstration zone in Inner Mongolia. We are trying to play the good role of demonstration zone and make it have a better beginning. We will jointly Statistics Bureau of Hohhot to conduct statistics of E-Commerce and we also build a youth incubator base with Science and Technology Bureau of Hohhot,IMUT University and Young league committee to provide a qualified platform for public and technical innovation and new modern industries.

By March of 2015, we already had 68 enterprises in E-Commerce industrial park of Inner Mongolia: Autonomous E-Commerce Association, Hohhot E-Commerce industrial Association, Inner Mongolia Business Network, Inner Mongolia Cross-Border platform,Jinchuan National Technical Trading Base and Public Service agencies have been settled.The No1 warehouse (5000SQM)and NO3 warehouse(2000 SQM) distribution and logistics Bases have been operations and NO2 warehouse is under upgrading. It offficially declared a National E-Commerce Demonstration Base and submitted to National Business Ministry by E-Commerce industrial Park of Inner Mongolia and Commerce department of Inner Mongolia.

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